About Centre Circle Audio

Welcome to our Centre Circle Audio website. Thank you for visiting and I hope you will find our website exciting, informative and useful. As you browse, I believe that you will get the most inspiring brand experience.

In the Beginning...

That was in the mid 1990's... Centre Circle Audio was founded by a music loving couple. It was this love that motivated us to set up our humble hifi shop to serve Kuala Lumpur and its surrounding area. We wanted it to be an avenue to share our love and joy in music and hifi, and a place of confluence for fellow enthusiasts.

We held, and still hold, the philosophy that great music must move the listeners - it must make you leap with joy, send a shiver down your spine or bring a tear to your eyes. Music cannot be indifferent. And all this power and impact from great music is best savoured on a good or, better still, great hifi system.

It is our mission to put together such hifi systems, we have endeavoured to identify hifi components that can fulfill our admittedly lofty standards, we spent time understanding the music lovers' needs and brought in the best hifi equipment for the best fit.

At the end of the day, your musical enjoyment is the most important success criterion for us.

Fast Forward to Now...

Our love for music has not diminished. We have found that new advances have presented the enthusiasts in us an even bigger space to embrace.
New and exciting options have exploded onto the home entertainment scene. Our love has grown to encompass them too. We dive and take in the new technologies wholeheartedly like we always do. We see Centre Circle Audio growing from being a Kuala Lumpur hifi shop into Malaysia's premier audio visual solution provider. We are indeed living in an exciting time.

Our Objective and Commitment to Excellence

Centre Circle Audio now brings together leading hifi brands, cutting edge AV (audio visual) systems and acoustic treatment solutions. We also provide consultancy in interior design, room decoration and construction of home entertainment centres. Whether you are looking for a musical hifi system, a stunning AV (audio visual) rig or a full blown home theater / surround sound installation, we are confident that we can propose the right package for you. We have also expanded our reach beyond Kuala Lumpur and the Klang Valley. We have established a group of dedicated dealers located in the North and South to serve you better. They are our partners and they share our enthusiasm. Check out the hifi and AV brands that we represent, we believe you'd agree that they are some of the finest from USA, Europe and Japan. Also check out the photos of some of our custom installation projects on our website.


To achieve zero complain

To achieve 100% customer service

To meet 100% of customer requirements